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There are so, so many factors in choosing a doctor for cosmetic surgery. I was considering the obvious, the usual, when I chose my doctor. His excellent reputation and experience were foremost in my thoughts. I wanted to look better and to feel better about myself. My loose and flabby neck was not hampering my sociability, my marriage or my effectiveness at work…..but I shared the despair of many people: looking older, getting older, and appearing heavier in a most unflattering way.

What was not obvious to me when I first saw my doctor was my need to be listened to, to be respected, to be allowed to ask a lot of questions (some twice), and to deal with my vulnerability as a potential patient.  My doctor could not have been more attentive, unhurried, respectful, and genuine. (No flashy, holier-than thou smile at any time!) He told me that I could call again if any further questions or worries came to mind.

He did a terrific job!!  I feel so much more confidence, in every aspect of my life. I look in the mirror and smile. My healing process was clearly explained to me by my doctor, and my post-surgical care was excellent. I got what I needed and deserved, which is what we all want.

– Diane S

My experience with the staff and doctors at Plastic Surgeons of the Hudson Valley was exceptional. The warm, friendly atmosphere made going to appointments a pleasure and the depth of knowledge and expertise of the doctors and staff not only put me at ease but left me thrilled with my results. Whether you are looking for reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery or injectables, I highly recommend Plastic Surgeons of the Hudson Valley.

– Thia T.

Everything I went through was very difficult. It was nice to have good people to help me in the situations I faced with breast cancer. Thanks again! The entire office made what I expected to be a very painful and scary experience turn into a pleasant one. I wouldn’t hesitate if the need arose again for surgery due to the experience of you and your office. Thank you.

– Danielle

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