New CoolAdvantage Applicators

Plastic Surgeons of the Hudson Valley is excited to offer the arrival of the newest CoolAdvantage applicators, which provide an exceptionally improved results in CoolSculpting treatment. Plastic Surgeons of the Hudson Valley is the only clinic in the Hudson Valley to offer new CoolAdvantage applicators.

Benefits of CoolAdvantage


  • More comfortable: New revolutionary designed applicators offer more comfort during the procedure; pain becomes  much more easy tolerable
  • Less treatment time : The original procedure time of 50-60 minutes has been reduced almost by half due to a new applicator providing better contact with the treated area
  • Enhanced cooling areas: Due to a unique design of new CoolAdvantage applicators, it is viable now to increase the direct tissue contact, lower the temperature which provides better, smoother and more even results.

2x’s the FAT in 1/2 the TIME!


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